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This team will compete from September-December, with practices 2x per week. We will attend 2-3 tournaments including VNB club provincials.

This program emphasizes player development, focusing on the technical and teamwork skills the athletes will need to progress within the sport of volleyball.

2019-2020 Coaches


Peter Frenette

Head Coach

Peter is an alumnus of the Holland College mens volleyball program, and also coaches at Fredericton High School. 


Jessica Barna

Assistant Coach

Jessica is an alumnus (and former captain) of the STU women's volleyball program.

2019-2020 Roster

Jackson Gallagher

Daniel Burry

Sawyer Gahan

Jack Fraser

Nathan Brown

Nathan St-Pierre

Jared Crummy

Ethan Porter

Sam Audoux

Riley Gallibois

Our mission

To provide well organised programs with certified coaches, dedicated to achieving a competitive balance on the local, provincial, and national levels of volleyball.


To teach athletes the skills and commitment required to attain and maintain elite level performance. 

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