17u Female

2021 Roster

Edyn Clowater
Darien Crouse
Sophia Dudka
Abby Fleetwood
Rebecca Jones
Olivia Lingley
Allison MacDonald
Maéva Martin
Emma Volpé
Caitlyn Youngblood



Melissa Oulette

Head Coach

Hi, I am Melissa Ouellette. I have always been a fan of sports. As someone who was 5’10 by the age of 12 I was encouraged to play volleyball. Fell in love with the sport and have always played some form of it. Through high school I was a middle player. Our tiny team in Plaster Rock did very well. I continued playing in different leagues after high school. Started playing beach volleyball in 2016. I have been coaching sports since grade 9 but started coaching volleyball in 2015. In 2019 I coached a high school team to a provincial title. Coached my first club team in 2019. As a coach a fun fact is I always end practice on a high note. It is a superstition of mine to end on a great rally point. Looking forward to my first year on the Spartans. 


Hilary Oulette

Assistant Coach

I first found a passion for volleyball when I was young and started volleying and bumping balls on the roof of my house (parents didn't like that too much). I started playing in my first league in grade 6 and joined the starting line for my high school varsity team in grade 9. After high school I got involved in different leagues - indoor and beach. I assisted my sister, Melissa, in coaching Tobique Valley Panthers in Plaster Rock and we're now very excited to join the Spartans organization.


Fun fact about me - the worm is my party trick! You may see it in action if I get overly excited.


Favourite sports - volleyball and basketball! Number 5 all the way.


Favourite quote - "if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you"