16u Female

Tryout Information

January 06, 7:30-9:30 @ Batisseurs

January 08, 8:00-9:30 @ Journey Church

Seasonal Plan

More information will be provided in the new year. Due to the unpredicatable nature of Covid-19, we are unable to esatablish a full plan for the 2021 season until we bcome more aware of Covid-19 rules and guidelines for the new year. However, the following events can be expected. 

December 01: Spartans Tryout Period Begins

January 04: VNB Season Officially Begins

April 16-18: VNB Provincials in Fredericton

April/May: Elites of the East in Fredericton

2021 Roster

Full roster to be announced following the conclusion of tryouts! 



Carney O'Hara

Head Coach

Carney is an alumnus of the STU mens volleyball program, and has been coaching club volleyball since 2010. Carney is an NCCP - Advanced Development Coach (in training).


Nicole Armstrong

Assistant Coach

Nicole is an alumnus of the STU women's volleyball program, and is an NCCP - Development Coach (in training).