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16U Female - Burgundy


Kate Armstrong
Megan Bourque
Bronwyn Gillingham
Adah Hatfield
Annika Lund
Ella Penney
Rachel Schmidt
Lucy Wells
Janey Williamson


Melissa Ouelette

Head Coach

Hi, I am Melissa Ouellette. I have always been a fan of sports. As someone who was 5’10 by the age of 12 I was encouraged to play volleyball. Fell in love with the sport and have always played some form of it. Through high school I was a middle player. Our tiny team in Plaster Rock did very well. I continued playing in different leagues after high school. Started playing beach volleyball in 2016. I have been coaching sports since grade 9 but started coaching volleyball in 2015. In 2019 I coached a high school team to a provincial title. Coached my first club team in 2019. As a coach a fun fact is I always end practice on a high note. It is a superstition of mine to end on a great rally point. Looking forward to my first year on the Spartans. 


Sarah Englehart

Assistant Coach

Sarah is entering her fourth year at UNB doing an honours in Medicinal Chemistry with this also being her fourth year coaching for the Spartans. She has previously coached the U14 age level and is beginning a new chapter this year coaching U13. She has always had a strong passion for volleyball as she has always loved the sport ever since she started playing at a young age. She began playing with the Spartans club under its former name the Tommies as a setter and progressed into becoming a libero. She had to opportunity to play VNB as a libero where she learned a tremendous amount about the sport. She still plays recreationally with friends as well as coaches some of the Spartans beach volleyball programs. You’ll never see Sarah without the #3 on her back if you catch her on the court. 

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