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2024 Fredericton Beach Volleyball League

The Fredericton Beach Volleyball League offers an option for athletes to compete in an organized league. League play will take place once a week and will provide teams two matches each night. Each tier will include three teams, with tier creation being based on the results of the previous week. The winner of each tier moves up, the team that finishes in second remains in the tier, and the team that finishes third in the tier drops down a tier. Athletes are responsible for submitting their own teams into the league. 

Officiating for the league is done so by the participating athletes. Honesty and integrity are pillars to ensuring a fair match is played each night. We encourage parents, family members, and friends to just be spectators and allow the kids to play. 

It is important to note that this program is not connected to the Fredericton Beach Volleyball League, a registration in one program does not enroll you in the other. 


Dates & Times 

June 17th - August 25th, 2024.

Sunday Night League

13U/14U Male (2011/2010)

13U/14U Female (2011/2010)

15U/16U Male (2009/2008)

Monday Night League

15U/16U Female (2009/2008)


Willie O'Ree or Ramada Courts

Player Fees

-$200 per Team

-A single registration/payment is required - each athlete is not required to complete their own registration


Additional Information

-All participants must be VNB/VC members

-In the event a player cannot attend league night, it is the responsibility of the team to find a replacement


Questions – Please contact


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